What is the redistribution rate?

What is the redistribution rate?

Also known as the payout rate, this is a measure of whether one casino is more generous than another in terms of winnings. The game publisher provides this clue in the game options. You can also ask the online casino’s customer service department for statistics on payout rates. This percentage is the index of bets that will be returned as winnings to the players. This term applies to video poker and slot machines in hard casinos, and in all virtual casinos.

How is it calculated?

The Payout Rate Index varies by casino and game. For example, French gaming houses must pay out at least 88% on the stakes of table games such as roulette, baccarat or blackjack. For bets on slot machines, they will have to redistribute at least 85%. Here is an example to help you understand the calculation. Let’s assume that during one day, players will have made 5,000 euros in bets during their play time. During that time, the machine has distributed 4,500 euros in winnings. To calculate the payout rate, the following operation is performed: (4500*100)/5000, which gives a result of 90%. This corresponds to the casino’s payout rate. The gambling house kept 500 euros of the total amount bet. Note that online casinos have a higher payout rate than real casinos. However, their rate can vary even according to the nature of the games. For example, the payout rate of American roulette on the Internet is close to 95%, while French roulette is close to 97%.

Comparison between virtual and traditional casino

A 100% return rate to the gambler is impossible, as the gaming operator would not be profitable. However, it is in the Gambling House’s interest to make this rate attractive. The more bets it gets, the higher the profit margin for it. As we have seen previously, online casinos offer a higher payout rate than land-based casinos. This difference in rates can be attributed to the expenses related to the operation of the permanent establishment. The rent for the premises, staff costs, taxes on gambling products are obligations that it must meet. However, these are lower for virtual casinos. This is why some Internet casinos have a 99% rate. However, this tempting index applies mainly only to slot machines. The payout rate for online blackjack is very low compared to other table games.

Checking this rate of redistribution to players

The commission that issued the gambling license has the obligation to implement the application of this minimum percentage. The procedure is the same for both virtual and land-based gambling houses. They all have to submit to the regular controls of the approved technicians. Their slot machines are thus shelled to ensure that their redistribution rates follow the regulations. Aware of the importance of this value, some casinos present their percentage every month, in order to gain the confidence of the players. Assuming that a casino is in collusion with the game publisher and that the publisher provides a false payout rate, if this information ever became known, there would be a scandal. The reputation of the online casino would be seriously called into question. This is why independent auditing companies have been set up, the best known of which is TST.

The rate in theory and the real rate

The percentage of bet return to the player is calculated over a period of time when the players’ bets have reached their ceiling. However, these statistics are rarely realized because there is a time when the machines are idle. Furthermore, it is not possible to estimate the number of players or to improvise when a slot machine’s jackpot will come out. The term real rate better reflects this rate of return of actual bets paid back to the players. This rate may exceed the theoretical rate if the jackpot is too high.

In conclusion, many players select casinos based on this payout rate. However, it is best to also check whether the software used by the online casino is performing well. It would also be advisable to play at a site with several variants of games. For information, an interesting rate of return of bet to the player would be between 95 to 98% for slot machines.

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