Sushi Yatta: New Game From GameArt

Online casino game Sushi Yatta: Serve in a restaurant

The software provider is about to put on the French online casinos that it feeds a brand new production. It is about Sushi Yatta which will put you in the skin of a cook of a Kaitenzushi restaurant. In this title, many innovative features are at your disposal to allow you to win big jackpots.

GameArt already has a number of productions in its game library that have interesting graphics and features. It has never stopped offering the best to its fans. However, in order to offer a new and diversified gaming experience to its kind customers, it has decided to use its creative side to design the no-download slot Sushi Yatta. With this title, GameArt will become even more famous and will bring excitement to the EU platforms that benefit from its services. According to its schedule, Sushi Yatta will be available this July and all punters can expect very fun and lucrative sessions. The most fun of all, GameArt’s new production will be accessible on mobile devices and you can test it with the generous bonuses offered by French online casinos.

Online casino game Sushi Yatta: Prepare great sushi dishes for your customers

GameArt’s Sushi Yatta slot game takes all Dama NV punters to a Japanese kaitenzushi bar where they will serve sushi dishes on a self-service conveyor belt. Sushi is a Japanese cuisine combination of a vinegar rice called shari and raw fish or sea vegetables. In kaitenzushi restaurants in Japan, you will find two types of this dish including nigrizushi and makizushi. The 15 reels are spinning trays that surround the cook you play in the Sushi Yatta online casino game. All around these trays are red seats where customers like MANEKI-NEKO, AIKO, SEA MONSTER, SOTA SUMO and UKI UNICORN will be sitting to enjoy your delicious sushi dishes. The kaitenzushi restaurant where sushi lovers from Japan will come to have a good time is nicely designed with white and black floor tiles. All your sessions here are topped off with sound effects that are similar to traditional Japanese music.

Innovative features of the online casino game Sushi Yatta

In today’s life, it is the customers that make restaurants more profitable. Sushi Yatta video slot is no exception. Here, your visitors or buyers are the key to your success. As soon as you open your restaurant in the morning, each of your customers will come with 3 stars. In other words, 3 healthy ones. If they are not well fed, they lose 1 star and as soon as the 3 disappear, they simply leave the table. So, your duty on the Sushi Yatta production, is to take good care of them. As soon as a customer takes a seat, he is fed with a non-winning symbol that lands in front of him. If he eats it, his stars will increase by 1 and allow you to trigger a customer feature. When he eats a scatter symbol, you will receive 3 re-spins.


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