New Slot From iSoftBet – Brides Of Dracula

Enter the lair of the vampires on the game Brides Of Dracula

“Sorry I can’t join you, but I’ve already had dinner, and I never drink… wine,” says a Bram Stoker character. But do you know what he fed on? For now, iSoftBet invites you to find out what he was hungry for on his new online casino game Brides of Dracula Hold and Win.

In 2021, iSoftBet promised to offer its fans games with unusual themes. Already accustomed to being very imaginative with his previous entertainment options, many online casino players were wondering what more he would do. And since he is by no means slow to relax, he was quick to answer that question by programming the release of his next best slot machine, Brides of Dracula Hold and Win. The name of the title already says a lot, but what does it reserve in terms of functionality and how will the adventure unfold this time? The answers can be found right here. Detail!

Take on the toughest of vampires on Brides of Dracula Hold and Win

Would you be in the mood to fight a vampire? Would you have the courage to stand in front of his pale face and big teeth for even a minute? This is the challenge that the online casino game publisher iSoftBet invites you to take up. As you may have guessed, the developer is offering you a free all-inclusive night in the home of Count Dracula on a full moon night. And guess what, that’s when vampires are most eager to go out and feed on human blood. What’s most interesting here is that he lives with two women who might also be hungry tonight.

These vampires will not skimp on you. We know it, it sounds scary! So you will have to arm yourself with courage to resist until the morning, especially if you want to get the maximum gain. How to react if you are attacked? Its creatures can’t stand crucifixes, holy water, mirrors, and silver bullets. So you can use them to defend yourself. You will also need to make sure you drink verbena and keep a clove of garlic in your pocket before going in. That’s right! On that note, expect to have an adventure like no other. However, as far as functionality is concerned, no stones have been thrown in the garden yet. We will keep you informed if there is a leak.


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