When one discovers the world of online casinos, which is focused on entertainment and fun, one can only want to try it. So once you have discovered the strengths of online casinos, you might wonder why you have been missing out for years!

To satisfy a good number of players, there are two modes, the real mode and the demo mode. This second mode, allows you to become more familiar with the casino as well as to have fun on different online games before making your first deposit. You will be able to get your feet on the ground without betting real money. We strongly recommend that you always try the demo mode of a casino. This will allow you to navigate and see if everything is going well with the loading of the games, if you are satisfied with the collection and you can also take advantage of the chat with the customer support to see if it meets your expectations.

It should be said that online casinos are accessible at all hours of the day or night, with many advantageous and generous bonuses, having an ultra-complete catalog of games compared to land-based casinos. These allow you to win a lot of money, thanks to their generous payout rate (the frequency with which a game pays out winnings) much more than the traditional establishments we know.

It is therefore quite normal that more and more players are being tempted by this very accessible facility on the Internet.

Nowadays, there are a large number of online casinos, which can be confusing for many of us, especially for beginners, that’s why our casino guide on offers you a section on online casinos that will allow you to read our online casino reviews with their advantages and disadvantages so that among the best rated ones you can make your choice.

On the other hand, if playing online seems simple, you may encounter some small problems when registering for the first time.

It would be a shame to give up playing at an online casino just for this reason alone.

The 3 steps to register :

  • Step 1: Choose an online casino among the best, you can refer to our ONLINE CASINOES section and make your choice among the best rated ones. You can read the reviews available to you and then if you are interested, click on “visit the casino” to access the casino website.
  • Step 2: Then you will begin your registration by filling in the fields accurately and precisely. Please fill in your real information so that we can validate your account and collect your winnings in the future. Rest assured, all data is protected. Don’t forget to check the box “I have read the terms of use” and click on register.
  • Step 3: Once your registration is validated, you will receive an email to open, in order to confirm your registration, by activating your account by clicking on the link in the email received. Each time you log in to the online casino you choose, you will only need to use your login credentials.

Online casinos are nowadays betting a lot on the issue of security. In fact, they make it their number one concern, all data is encrypted.

Here are two important criteria that can be highlighted:

First of all, if you are on a “secure” site and whatever browser you choose (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) you will see an “https” symbol that defines the security of the site, especially during transactions and payments, instead of simply “http” or a padlock symbol. When registering at a casino, remember to check the casino address to make sure you see “https” at the beginning of the address.

Secondly, all of the casinos that we offer on our site are online casinos that have been analyzed and licensed. Indeed these online casinos respect a set of specifications in order to legally offer their services. They are audited and are accountable to authorities. They therefore have everything to gain by respecting customers in the long term.

To sum up, if you are a beginner and you want to discover a new online entertainment experience, choose the best casinos (with 5 stars on our ranking) that will help you and practice an ethical approach. You will be helped to understand the bonuses and their conditions, and you will be guided to get your account validated in order to collect your winnings. Other casinos in the ranking, which may have fewer stars, are also serious casinos but may sometimes be more optimized on live dealers for example, or conversely have a huge slot machine collection.

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