Star Guardians – New Slot From Evoplay

Launch of Star Guardians game

Evoplay is offering a whole new type of gaming experience to Dama N.V. online casino players on Star Guardians. According to the managers of this production company, this title is more than just a video slot. A first innovation in iGaming, it reserves a Stellar entertainment!

Evoplay is a developer that is now cited among the big names in the gaming industry. This is well deserved, as it always takes care to be innovative with its entertainment options. The publisher proves this once again with its new slot Star Guardians, which invites you to an epic battle against mutants. As an innovation on this game, the designer lets you choose to control the characters on the reels, i.e. one of the three fighters of the Triton special forces. Read on to find out more.

Become a Star Guardian to protect Triton from intruders

Star Guardians is a sci-fi 3D video slot that takes you to the 2700s deep into space. Triton, once a scientific base for humanity, is under attack by hostile aliens. The scenario of the game is about a war between two dominant races in the galaxy. On one side, we have the special forces, guardians of the galaxy, and on the other side, the terrible mutant insects.

The special forces team is composed of three fighters, namely : Joe Butcher the war veteran, Skyler the brave hunter and Keliot, the man with laser hands. Each of them has his own skills, and all of them together have one goal – to eliminate the intruders who have attacked their galaxy. To help them in their fight, Evoplay invites you to play as Joe Butcher, Skyler or Keliot in its new online slot game Star Guardians.

For this purpose, this developer gives you the possibility to manually control the reels of this 3D video slot. Thus, you will have the choice between these three heroes and, during your sessions, you can even make changes. The jackpot of this online casino game is not yet known, but we can already tell you that its betting range extends from 0.10 to 100 €. Bettors will also be able to count on several innovative mechanisms during their different sessions to win big.

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