Ben Hur Review – New Slot From Ainsworth

Ben Hur Slot Machine: Relive the story of the Prince of Judea

Ben Hur is Ainsworth’s new slot game that follows the story of Judah Ben-Hur, the wealthy Jewish prince who was betrayed by his childhood friend Messala. This online casino game will be available at best Dama NV casinos this month and you will have the opportunity to play it with interesting bonuses.

In the French online gambling market, if you opt for Ainsworth slots, you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to enjoy a memorable experience that will result in a myriad of wins. In recent years, this publisher has been able to win the hearts of many players thanks to the impeccable quality of its productions with interesting stories. The success of Ainsworth’s slots is also due to the fact that they come with beautiful graphics and excellent features. After introducing casino players to the story of the Chinese dragon on its Rise of the Dragon game, it decided to take inspiration from the hero Ben Hur to design its new production named after this Jewish prince. According to the first information gathered about this slot, we can say that it will be equipped with an attractive interface and bonus features that will allow you to end your sessions with a jackpot that can go up to 125x the initial bet.

Ben Hur Slot Machine: The Revenge Of Judah Ben-Hur

Do you know Judah Ben-Hur, the son of Miriam and brother of Tirzah? If not, you should know that he was a prince of Judea who devoted himself entirely to the freedom of the Jewish people. However, following an accident caused by his sister, Ben-Hur was accused of attempted murder and sent to the galleys on the orders of Messala, the commander of the fortress of Antonia and friend of Judah. After three years on the galleys, Ben-Hur joined Quintus Arrius and helped him destroy a Macedonian pirate ship. On the 5 reels of the free slot machine Ben Hur you will see this fleet. After saving the life of Roman Arrius, Judah was adopted by Arrius and made his heir. Recognized as a wealthy gladiator, he was hired as a chariot driver by Sheikh Ilderim to participate in a race.

During this competition, violent blows are allowed and it is in this sense that Messala decided to use a chariot with blades on the hubs to eliminate his competitors. As for Judah, he was armed with a shield, a helmet and swords. His chariot was pulled by four white Lipizzaners, including Antares, Altair, Aldebaran and Rigel. On the reels of Ainsworth’s Ben Hur slot machine, you’ll see all of these battle weapons. At the end of the race, Judah was the first to cross the finish line. As for Messala, he became a paraplegic after being trampled by opposing chariots. If you want to have fun at the Ben Hur online casino game, you can bet between $1 and $50. Features such as free spins and the wild card will allow you to return from your trip with a superb prize pool of 125 times your initial bet.


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